Opening their doors on September 2011, The Nurse Group Education Center's Nursing Assistant Program is approved by the state to train and educate future nursing assistants. Conveniently located in National City, California, The Nurse Group Education Center houses state of the art facility and experienced instructors.

Different from most education centers, this unique program is geared towards training the nursing assistant to be more collaborative in the care of the residents.  The program is focused on developing clinically competent, knowledgeable and compassionate nursing assistants to provide the best care the elderly deserves.

The two founders, Gemma Porsuelo and Sherry Do, Board Certified Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioners with over 40 years of nursing experience, they have come together to improve the quality of care in the nursing home settings. Together with their qualified instructors, they will focus their energy to assist each student to reach their maximum potential.

“We have been there, we have done that and we want to share our knowledge to every student who enrolls in the program.”- The Nurse Group


2345 East 8th St, Ste 102 National City, CA